Radon measurements in Big Buildings

Developing a standard protocol

Basic research

The basic research section is divided in four different groups/topics:

  1. Classification of building types and building usage
  2. Essential for the development of a standard protocol for radon measurements is a classification of building types and, maybe with a lower weight (to be investigated), the building usage. A main point of this issue is the building geometry like number of floors and rooms, which refers to a wide range of parameters to be investigated by the Modelling & Simulation section. The final result could be a set of standard protocols different for each building type.

  3. Status of the past measurements
  4. Research and identification of radon measurements in big buildings in the past is important to identify possible test cases. The classification and parametrization of possible candidates for experiments will be exercised later by the Experiment section.

  5. Status of the existing protocols
  6. Are existing protocols relevant for this project? So far only two examples have been found (USA and Canada) which should be considered. The team will investigate on other protocols and possible integration.

  7. Finding defined building types (new and already measured)
  8. A difficult task will be the suitable buildings types, respecting the classification defined in the previous topics, especially new ones. Using databases of various public entities is an essential benefit to accomplish this task.